Glorious Fangshan Sunset

這張照片跟上一帖是同一天所攝的,時間稍早一點,所以天空還沒完全燒起來,但已經可以感覺到大景似乎就眼前了,我的心也跟著興奮激動了起來。由於海灘中段,一如往常地,已經被一堆腳架塞滿了,我為了避開他們只好往後段移動,當然根據雲勢及太陽的位置判斷,當天最好的拍攝位置也正應該在後段,結果當然是 Bingo 了!而左下角的浪花更幫整張照片注入了生命及動能,真得是來得好不如來得巧!

This image was taken on the same day as the previous post but at an earlier time when the clouds were not crazily burned. I like this position a lot because the rocks were kind of in alignment and leading toward the setting sun. Of course the timely waves at the lower left-hand corner added life and momentum to the whole picture.