After years of using digital cameras, I decided to return to where my photo journey started - film cameras. Instead of picking up my old Canon, Minolta and Pentax film cameras, I turned to medium format, which produces stunningly gorgeous results, for which, of course, higher  prices are unavoidable. To fulfill this dream,  I bought a Hasselblad 501CM bundled with 2 lenses and many other stuff, all packed and shipped in a large Peli Case, which is definitely rare to see on eBay. Personally, I think the price is more than reasonable, comparing with most of  the items I liked  on eBay.

Here is the list of the gear I got from the purchase:
1.Hasselblad 501CM + front and back cap
2.Hasselblad PM finder
3. Chimmey Finder
4.New Style A12 + matching number film Inlay
5.Planar 2,8/80mm CB T* + Sun Hood + Caps
6.Makro-Planar 4/120mm CF T* + Sun Hood + Caps
7.Extension Tube
8.PC Polaroid back (This is rare.)

For better light metering results, I also bought a simple analog light meter Sekonic L-398A. To my surprise, it is not that intimidating using an analog light meter; in fact, it is quite fun though Hasselblad 501CM brings me back to a more primitive time than the days when I used Minolta X-700, which has an in-camera light meter. Using Hasselblad, I have to meter light completely manually since 501CM does not have an in-camera light meter. Yet this is what makes shooting pictures an enormously pleasant thing to do - I take more time than before to observe and meter the light. .

Here are some images taken with my Hasselblad 501CM, Carl Zeiss Planar T* 2.8/80, Ilford FP4 Plus 125)