Military Dependents Village 眷村隨拍

Here are some results of my latest photo shoot taken with one of my late father's camera collections, a vintage Canon Canonet QL19, on Fujifilm Super X-Tra 400. The camera body has some green erosion stains on the satin chrome on the outer body and some rust on the chrome metal parts in the film chamber. The internal light meter is not working, at least for the time being,  because I hate to fuss around for the batteries and decide to use my analog Sekonic Meter instead. Of course, this is not at all bad because it just my Canonet QL19 a total mechanical camera.

To tell the truth, I was so not  sure if the camera could actually work properly in the first place for the sound of the shutter firing is so faint that I could not hear easily, especially for a SONY A7R user like me who is so used to the somewhat loud and long shutter sound. Another reason is about the shutter release mechanism, the soft and vague feel of the full shutter press is barely discernible. But no worry, it works just fine.

The shooting location was originally a military dependents village. Most buildings there have been leveled down while some very few buildings still remained now, which include mainly those standing along the small alley under the cured roof and some sporadically around.

Canon Canonet QL19
Fujifilm Super X-Tra 400
Sekonic L-398A