Light in the Woods

Light is definitely the supreme factor of a good image, especially when there are only twelve frames available. I went to this little woods near the beach in the afternoon, hoping to capture some nice genuine light and colors which need no post-editing at all. 

I arrived there a little bit late since it is winter time now so I had only less than an hour of daylight I could use. 60 minutes sounds a lot for 12 frames but in fact it is not at all. Walking around to look for the right light, searching for the suitable subject matters and then composing in the fairly dense woods was so soul-soothing for me, though it was time-consuming. I noticed that I slowed down my pace naturally and I spent more time observing and interacting with everything around me, which I had not cared about while shooting digitally. I think this is exactly what most film camera users talk about and love most.

Personally, I think I have better grasp of Hasselblad this time. For these images I took, I did not do any post-editing. Scanning of these images was done by the lab as regular.

Hasselblad 501CM
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 2.8/80
Fujicolor PRO 160C
Sekonic L-398A