Sleeklens Landscape presets and workflow

I was recently approached by a company asking if I was interessted in trying out one of their brilliant Lightroom Presets. Of course, as  a photogrpaher, it is always great to try out new gear or new applications that can substantially enhance the quality of my works.

I strongly recommend the presets to photographers who want better results but are intimidated by some complicated softwares. Feel free to check out the results I come up with the Through the Woods Workflow to see if it suits your needs.

In case you want to explore further, below are some resources that provide you with insightful detailed explanations:

Also here are links to a guide on how to install presets and how to work with the workflow:

A. How to install brushes:
Lightroom Presets -
Lightroom Brushes -
How to stack Lightroom Presets -

B. Here's the video on how to work with Through the Woods workflow bundle:


Through the Woods_Warm Shadows